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GetMedicalWebsite® is the leading provider of websites and internet marketing solutions to the healthcare industry. Get Medical Website's mission is to drive calls and visits for your business using the internet. We focus only on the healthcare industry including Dentists, Physicians, and surgeons. It is not only our mission to drive sales results for your business using the internet, it is the reason we were founded. We expand our customers' digital footprints by offering complete Web marketing services using content marketing, social media marketing, premium local search listing, email marketing, and reputation management to build their organic Web presence and get more leads. As a complete web solution for your practice, we are your number one source for professional, value driven, low cost web services for your dental practice, physician practice, or medical practice in general. Based in Edison, New Jersey USA, we have dedicated our commitments to helping you reach the next level. We are equipped with the skills and resources to take care of evolved business requirements, such as online marketing solutions, web design, web hosting, mobile applications and so on.