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When it comes to Local Search Marketing, the concept of thinking globally but acting locally is paramount for local businesses, including local dental practices and medical practices alike. As a small business it is important that your SEO outreach focuses on optimizing your local listings and targeting local keywords, such as your city name and zip code. If implemented well, your practice can tap a localized market or target potential patients located at specific geographical areas. The key to dominating the local search results listings is having a good understanding of the mechanics and interfaces used by several search engines.

At GetMedicalWebsite, our local search marketing team ensures the accuracy of executing Local Search campaigns that prepare your dental or medical website to be much more important and relevant for local searches. By using traditional search engines, localized online directories, and incorporating local business listings embedded into the regular keyword search results listings, along with several other search engine optimization strategies, our Local Search service becomes more effective and powerful in delivering quality results that will benefit your dental or medical practice.


  • It puts your dental or medical practice on the map
  • It’s where potential patients and referring doctors go to for info on businesses, services and products
  • It’s marketing and advertising directly to potential patients searching for you
  • Become visible in local and places searches

If local search engines don’t know you exist do you think potential patients will ever find you online when searching for local practices like yours? NO! SO start making your business visible and experience growth and success.


We’ll put you on local directory listing to start telling your community that you exist! The following are a few of the local listings we will create for your dental or medical practice:

  • Google+ Local
  • Yahoo Local
  • Bing Local Listing Center
  • Citysearch
  • Yelp
  • Insider Pages


Get Patients Talking About You

In the world of online business, it’s nice when your patients share great things about your practice. Online directories have communities and business reviews which will highlight your brand. Help patients discover and talk about you online.
When you hire GetMedicalWebsite for your local SEO marketing needs, you can feel confident knowing that we have trained and passionate experts on staff to develop and optimize every aspect of your Internet marketing program from the bottom up – the one single path to achieving success in targeted online customer engagement & acquisition.

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